Top 5 Tuesday 18/09/2018 Hamzasarajlic_

This week’s Top 5 Tuesday is another special one – @hamzasarajlic_ has given us a double whammy with 10x T5T nominations.


[01] – @ask.lilium.bosniacum

“My brothers in arms @ask.lilium.bosniacum , airsoft team from Bosnia and Hercegovina since , always there to support, help, and improve airsoft in our country”


[02] – @crna_munja

“”I am a honored member of this team, and i am really proud of it!
@crna_munja – great team, awesome event organizator and great friends!”


[03] – @eviltwin_airsoft @ducky_airsoft

“This patch cant go divided they must be together! Patches from my UK friends and constant support”


[04] – @direwolfairsofthq

“One of the most beautiful patch i have until now, love the color combination and design, also this team have a great trust in me and they are my big support”


[05] – @mr_hitman_nld

“Great person and support, really happy to know this bro and i am honored to recive his patch.. Got also this 2 @101_inc patches from him so it was a really awesome surprise.. Thanks!”



[06] – @b.o.b_airsoft

“Big support from my begining here on Instagram @b.o.b_airsoft the biggest patch i have in my collection J and one of the most special to me! Thank you my brothers…”


[07] – @soat.g

“The first patch i have won on a giveaway @soat.g so also special to me – Great team and really awesome support.. They sent me also a pickle rick patch from who was the sponsor of the giveaway…Thanks!”


[08] – @keremkunter

“The first patch i have ever recived from abroad since i play airsoft and collect patches is the from @keremkunter – his team Kuzey Yildizlari patch.. really one patch that i will remember for sure! Thanks!”


[09] – @dutchtroopersquad036

“@dutchtroopersquad036 patch from my beloved friends from Netherlands – awesome team alway there supporting me.. Thank you!”


[10] – @aphr0d1te_x

“Tactical beard very special patch to me love the bearded patches and this one was a gift form @aphr0d1te_x – Thank you soo much!”