Top 5 Tuesday 28/08/2018 Filthy_beard_c.o.r.e

This week’s Top 5 Tuesday comes from Swedish bearded airsoft legends @filthy_beard_c.o.r.e

[01] – @1legion_superfly

“Limited Edition Mix Tape Patch. Its so awesome and never leaves the gear! The old school of this patch is spot on.”


[02] – @task_force_raven

“Task force raven team patch. We won this badass patch in a raffle hosted by the team! The viking design is really cool and its an honor to gear up with it.”


[03] – @echelon_4_

“The Punishers. After an epic battle at Tjärnan CQB we met up and exchanged patches! This one also never leaves the gear and is pure ass kicking awesome!”


[04] – @afo_blackbeard

“The Blackbeard. When we saw this super badass patch we knew we gotta rep it! The design is just mind blowingly cool! We hope to meet up with these great guys some day 👊”


[05] – @klockar

“Klockar Sheild Patch. In an exchange with the Viking Berserker, we received this heavy sheild patch from Klockar, who isnt only a massivly inspiring man, but also a good friend. To Valhalla! Shiny and chrome!”