Top 5 Tuesday 04/09/2018 Plastic.Vader

This week’s Top 5 Tuesday is a special one – @Plastic.Vader has not only shared his Top 5, but also a further 5 via our website. Cheers, Tim!

[01] – @hopupapp

“Hopup App patch. One of the most down to Earth guys I know because of this hobby. I’ve been supporting the app since it’s beginning and I’ve made a great friend in doing so. One of my all time favorite patches (it fits perfectly, everywhere!!!)”


[02] – @nomad_airsoftni

“Finally received this a short while ago from Nomad Airsoft and I’m stoked. It’s always been a favorite of mine and I’m super happy to add it to my collection and wear it regularly.”


[03] – @whoshotfirstllc

“The red Jolly Mando from @whoshotfirstllc. Their perfect design in red and black to appease the inner Sith in all of you. Who Shot First has become a huge name in the patch business and they helped me get my own patch made up. They have also become good friends because of this hobby and I couldn’t be happier with all of their products.”


[04] – @undead_fred

“@undead_fred’s dope design was an instant eye grabbed and I had to have it. Simplicity in colors and details makes this one of my all time favorites. Plus he’s a super chill homie and just loves the game.”


[05] – @whoshotfirstllc

“Of course I would need to include the almighty hilt of Darth Vader as well. Another from the Saber Series from @whoshotfirstllc. Waited for this one since they announced the start of the series and it came out perfectly.”




[06] –

“Lastly, I had to include one of my favorite non-Airsoft related patches from Patch Ninja. Lucky Vader reminds me of my small family I have at home and my love for Star Wars all in one patch. It’s perfect and very well executed.”


[07] – @1LegionFL_Lala

“@1LegionFL_Lala great gal and even better slaydie. Killer at designing a patch and her and her hubby are some of the most down to earth peeps I’ve met.”


[08] – @theedesertfox

“One of the limited Multicam @theedesertfox patches and still one of my favorites. It was one of the first Airsoft patches I got that got me into collecting.”


[09] – @pnw_punk

“Simple. To the point. Awesome design from a rad dude. @pnw_punk always knows how to make some killer merch. This is him in a nutshell basically. Love this simple patch.



“This was one of my first patches I ever ordered that wasn’t a freebie that came as a gift. If you haven’t seen the movie Idiocracy, we can’t be friends. It’s got what plant crave! It’s got electrolytes!!”