Top 5 Tuesday 14/08/2018 Tinacolada19

This week’s Top 5 Tuesday comes from Canada’s own @tinacolada19 .

[01] – @yorkshire.tactical.squad

“The first one is from @yorkshire.tactical.squad in support of women and women suffering from breast cancer.”


[02] – @theairsoftcollective

“The second one is from @theairsoftcollective a local Canadian Airsoft company and friend 🖤”


[03] – @s.w.a.r.m_airsoft_canada

“The third one is from @s.w.a.r.m_airsoft_canada a local Canadian team and my dear friends, they are all my battle buddies as well, and the team my hubby runs with 😊”


[04] – @mondbluete.skittls

“The fourth one is from @mondbluete.skittls a slaydie from Austria with a super colourful embroidered patch. I love the creativity that went into the creation of this patch!”


[05] – @codeofarmstv

“And the fifth and final one is from @codeofarmstv a Canadian company based in Niagara, with the latest in real steel gear and firearms. I have the pleasure, along with my hubby, to work in Partnership with them 😎”