Top 5 Tuesday Jflynn1995 07/08/2018

This week’s Top 5 Tuesday comes from patch fanatic @Jflynn1995

[01] – @metal_ops_airsoft

“My first Airsoft team I joined nearly 3 years ago, still playing with them to this day. Love the design based of there love for metal music or what ever they call it (just don’t let them know I’m not a fan of metal music🙈)”


[02] – @taskforceneptune

“One of my most favourite and treasured patches I have and one of the best designs out there (hit him up for custom logos 😉) I’m probably one of his favourite askholes 😆”


[03] – @sondakei_patches

“Sondaeki Patches Coca Cola recoil Patch, based of the Coca Cola logo and there love for Tokyo Marui recoils, one of my favourite Patches I own! Based on the fact I like coke and Tokyo Marui 😊”


[04] – @whoshotfirstllc

“The wsf dick patch, if you know you know one of the best Patch makers out there, I own a couple of there Patches 😉 great bunch of dudes. And some fantastic patches”


[05] – @aa.02_stretch

“The stretch minters Patch sorry stretch winters Patch the only Patch that needs to come with a guide on how to use it! 😆”