Top 5 Tuesday 31/07/2018 TheChairsofterShow

This week’s Top 5 Tuesday comes from the one and only airsoft podcaster @thechairsoftershow

[01] – @callsign_ladyhawk

“Ladyhawk has to be in here, she’s been so supportive of everything with the podcast from the start and it’s going to be exciting working with her on some cool things in the future.”


[02] – @1legion_superfly

“Supe is such a positive influence on the community, I had to include him. Looking forward to meeting him in person next month!!


[03] – @airsoft_kallie

“I mean what can I say about Special K?? Kallie is such a laugh both on and off the field and we’ve had some awesome games together in the last few months!!”


[04] – @shotshow

“January saw me going back to the US for the second time in 4 months for SHOT Show, such an awesome experience for me. I’m definitely going back to Vegas, but for more sight seeing as opposed to going to SHOT most likely as there’s so much to see out there!!”


[05] – @mealsim_official

“Finally what would my patch wall be without MealSim?? Awesome food, great people and one of the highlights of IWA 2018!!”