Top 5 Tuesday 24/07/2018 Beaker_72_Ronin

This week’s Top 5 Tuesday comes from Essex nice guy @beaker_72_ronin. He was so keen to do this he even sent his patches and text over to us weeks before this post. Thanks Dan!

[01] – @roninairsoftuk

“This is my team patch. Its currently been redesigned and we will have a new version out in the coming weeks. This is a patch you can’t swap or buy. You have to earn it to receive it. I was over the moon when I was accepted into Ronin as they were the first real team I’d been part of (and still am) and it made it even more special knowing only the team had this patch.”


[02] – @filthy_beard_c.o.r.e

“I just love the image on this patch. The image is fantastic and it really ‘pops’. The team are a lovely bunch of guys and I hope one day, they will come over to the UK from Sweden so I can meet them in person.”


[03] – @sineatersguild

“This patch is from the Sineaters Guild. A serving veteran owned business. They do clothing too (I have a few of their shirts). Once again the image is unique and stands out (I also have the black and red version of this one). I love repping this one at games.”


[04] – @modernarms

“I also collect patches that I don’t wear and this is one of those. Made by a company called Modern Arms, this is just one of many or Ronin patches they do. I bought it due to being a Ronin and have some variants of this too.”


[05] – @wearethenamelessones

“Again a Japanese influenced patch and once again a collectable (only 150 made). It was made to honour those that had served and fallen for the United States of America. Again the image just ‘pops’ and I feel lucky and privileged to own this one.”



[06] – @511tactical

“I was given this by a really good friend. I had been after this particular patch for a long time as I like Devils (yeah sounds odd but hey ho that’s me 😊)
I was immensely chuffed when he just gave it to me saying “oh you’ve been after one of these for a while haven’t you?” and handed me the patch. Thank you Roy.”


[07] – @ccab_milsim

“I had already bought some of their stickers and when they released this patch I had to have it. The design is by his daughter about 6 years ago now and there was something that struck me about this story. It was so cute and lovely that he had involved his daughter in his hobby. He also told me they call her Beaker which is my call sign so it makes it extra special to me.”


[08] – @defconpropaganda

“This is one of my collectable patches (hence why its still in its packet). I love patches that depict dogs (being a dog lover with 2 of my own). I also have the Tactical Taz patch (look him up on Instagram he’s fantastic) but this one reminded me of my Rottweiler, Inca. Well what she should be like instead of the soppy dog that she is. One day I hope someone will make a Rottweiler patch. I’d like that for my collection (but it would need to be a female dog of course 😃)”


[09] – @nomad_airsoftni

“This is a particular special patch. These guys are from Northern Ireland and come over here to the UK to play and meet other players. I’ve still not had the opportunity to meet them in person but everything they stand for and do for the sport is admirable. One day I’ll get to say thank you to them in person for letting me have one of their patches.”


[10] – @tacticalgent

“It was the wife’s idea to buy this for myself as its basically me 😊 (or what I think is me) I’m the wrong side of 45 so see my self as a ‘senior player’ but I still have the mindset of a small child lol. It’s a tribute to the ‘Old Man’ from the film UP. To quote the company – “The body may break, but the mind is strong. Operators gotta operate, despite the injuries, ailments, and limitations. For all the senior bad asses out there, we salute you….because we are one of you. This is a tribute to the “old man” out there that still fights the good fight. #senioroperator”. Sums me up perfectly when I’m playing airsoft 😊 Once again this is one of my collectables so it’s still in the packet.”