Top 5 Tuesday 17/07/2018 Nano_Aruba

This week’s Top 5 Tuesday comes from none other than @nano_aruba!

[01] – @itz_skippy187

“Alright First one is Box Warrior , Made by Jordan Enriquez . This one is where he started his patch making career , winning a contest with his design and getting it made, now few months later he is up to #7 in his series . What makes it a great piece is that u can see he really went out with the quality of it and made it a must have for some collectors.”


[02] – @dr_tiquestar

“Second one is Trigger Finger by Dr. Tiquestar . Tiquestar is a famous patchmaker from Netherlands , with his experience in doing graffiti , he brings out a truly good design , this one in particular is towards those who cant keep their finger off the trigger , all in fun and joke , really do enjoy having a smile when people notice it on my pack .”


[03] – @gonzo_owl

“3rd one is Tiny Drop from Ben Hamilton . Hamilton work is mostly inspired from the cult classic movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas ,”Tiny drop” reffers to a chemical compound known as Andrenochrome .”


[04] – @dr_tiquestar

“4th one is Tactical Mario also made by Dr. Tiquestar . This one needs no explanation , Mario is a character ive grew up playing since Super Mario Bro’s . With the Dr’s twist on it with tactical gear made it a must have back in 2017 , Now its a staple in most collectors collection with only 75 made”


[05] – @dr_tiquestar

“5th is Bushido Helmet also made by Dr. Tiquestar , This one shook the patch game when it dropped , made some makers step up their game on what can be done in patch format , even now its still being searched to be included in some collection , but alas its one of the most difficult to get and expensive to buy at the current moment”