Top 5 Tuesday 10/07/18 Dexternorthstar

This week’s Top 5 Tuesday comes from old-timer @dexternorthstar. Want to get involved? Get in touch.


“This is where it all started, this is the team I started some 13 years ago. These are the embodiment of brotherhood. I am still friends with most of these guys. Team Delta-Alpha, ‘The DAs’. Cut our teeth at Electrowerkz in London N1. A brutal indoor site run by Firefight London where full-auto was the norm. Great times. Once had a dining In night in the Officers’ Mess at the Tower of London. Great times, with awesome guys. A true brotherhood.”



“This was my Tier1 Military Simulations team patch. Milsim was the order of the day for the last few years I played, I was honoured to earn this one.”



“And even more honoured to be given this. The highest contributing Tier1 Team members were given these. Only a handful were ever handed out. A great bunch of guys to get threadbare with over a 36 hour rolling mission…”


[04] – @itwgear

“This I got off a Polish Airsofter called Michal DU, he trades under the name ‘Into the Wild’ aka ITW. As you can see this laser cut Multislut goodness has been made specifically for Airsofters. An obvious insta-buy, Truth level = off the charts!”



“And lastly the flag of my county of birth. Devon. Gifted to me by my favourite patchmaker Ben Hamilton. I believe these were made specifically for his Devon Airsoft buddies. Check out my Instagram profile where you can see most of my patch collection, Ben makes the ones themed around the Film ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ and Hunter S. Thompson generally.”


“Thanks for having me @airsoft_patches_global