Top 5 Tuesday 03/07/18 That_Brit_Pierce

This week’s Top 5 Tuesday comes from British Milsim addict @that_brit_pierce

[01] – @eg_slo & @enolagaye_darren

“So this Section 20 patch was the brainchild of Darren and Omar from @whoshotfirstllc. Before the company was even a thing, I’d been dragged off to Oregon to an OLCMSS event on an 18 hour drive with Darren and friends. It was my first out of state multi-day event and it was an amazing experience. From a highland pub to wearing British kit, the guys did everything to make sure I had the best time.”


[02] – @britkitusa

“3 people are solely responsible for my out of control patch obsession. 2 are the previously mentioned Darren and Omar, but this patch was gifted to me by H at BritKitUSA. We spoke loads in the run up to a Milsim West event in Washington state in 2015 and finally met in May that year. Since then, I’ve dragged my family to stay up at his gaff and spent the week at SHOT show running around with this fella. I believe there are only a handful of these patches and I was honoured H gave me one.”


[03] – @tootalltoms

“I love ranger eye sized patches and my personal patch is that size. But this was given to me by a great friend Too Tall Thom from The Bogeymen out of Utah. I met Thom at a OLCMSS event in 2014 and is one of my closest friends now. A lovely guy and we always have a great time at events.”


[04] – @americanmilsim

“This was an event patch to American Milsim Op Copperhead 3. I had signed up to the first to events in New Mexico but work scuppered my attendance both times. Finally got there last year and had a blast with some great friends. And the night section of play was amazing with NODs galore.”



“This is my close friend Miles’ patch. Nicknamed Rabbit as he never stops, it is based on a design I had commissioned by @Hiwez. The patch by BritKitUSA came out brilliantly. We made sure that it contained Rabbit’s dual Elite Force 1911s and his airstock SR25.”