Top 5 Tuesday 26/06/18 Cuddlesign_Daddy

This week’s Top 5 Tuesday comes from none other than @cuddlesign_daddy!

“In no particular order. These are my top 5 patches right now.”

[01] – @callsign_battle.butterfly

“This is a purely down to aesthetics, a cool idea and design. It made me say out loud “that’s cool””


[02] – @jacsbabycarrier

“Any Parent out there will understand this! Not an Airsoft patch exactly, However I wear it for Airsoft so in my rules it is allowed.”


[03] – @stretch_actual

“My boi…. has helped answer so many questions. Hunt down spares the list could go on. I think this patch is great as it’s the only patch I know that needs instructions. 😂 I have picked the Mk1 as I love woven patches.”


[04] – @pandas_airsoft

“What can I say… means a lot as the account admin is another brother who has been a great help, thanks JP. I also love pandas. I mean who doesn’t! Can’t wait to get their next instalment. (Credit to original designer @_alpha_panda_8)”


[05] –

“My favourite patch right now: GoG Panda of War from … Artwork from the one and only @hiwez … Great concept by and as always amazing artwork by someone I now call a friend @hiwez . Again not Airsoft exactly but you know my rules now. Plus as I said who doesn’t like pandas 🐼 …I F@#KING LOVE PANDAS 🐼…”