Top 5 Tuesday 19/06/18 Hiwez

This week’s Top 5 Tuesday comes from the artistically prolific and all round nice guy @Hiwez!

[01] – @pnw_punk

Ranger eye. (Designed by @radbuddha I believe!). “On a scale of minute details this ranger eye patch has stayed in my top 5 since it graced my patch wall. It’s smooth, crisp lines and bold colour brings a delicately violent balance that demands close and unreserved study.”


[02] – @Maxpedition

Celtic knot. “Some would consider this a more plus-sized patch as it makes no apologies sprawling itself over most of your soft velvet-like Velcro real-estate. Within it’s broad curves and earthy, creamy tones it weaves a knot so intricate and infinite it threatens to steal your soul… and you’d be ok with that.”


[03] – @511tactical

Ace of spades. “A have a penchant and deep admiration for innovative use of space and for a monotone stitch weaved patch the 5.11 Ace is A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. The more you look the more you see, until you begin to feel it looking back.”


[04] – @tank2_0airsoft

“When does a patch become more than a patch? The Tank Squad patch answers this question in the exquisitely deafening silence you might expect from an inanimate object. Embodying the journey of a man with unrivalled tenacity and a sense of camaraderie and teamwork that transcends its pvc and Velcro components and truly becomes more than the sum of its parts.”


[05] – @gearmonkey75

MK1 beer mat. “The multi tool of the patch world. I immediately admired the combination of a human passion, a community sport and a world need to keep ringlets of fluid from damaging the fine polish of wooden surfaces. Like an end of the world bug-out-bag, I may never use this patch to its full potential, but simply knowing it’s there gives me a sense of security I never knew I needed.”