Top 5 Tuesday 12/06/18 Gearmonkey75

Top 5 Tuesday this week comes from none other than the formidable S23 @gearmonkey75. Want more once you’ve read this post? Head over to the S23 Facebook page for a full video on his patch choices and more.

[01] – @taskforce495

Joey ‘Iceboxes’ Praetorian Patch.

“Sadly Joe passed away earlier this year, but this has always been a firm favorite as these exist in very low numbers and if I recall correctly only ten or so were made. I’m one of two or three outside of his team Task Force 495 from NY State to have one.”


[02] – @prometheusdesignwerx

Prometheus Design Werx ‘They See Us Rollin’ Patch.

“I’m a huge fan of Prometheus Design Werx Patches, perhaps if only for the fact they best exemplify the very ethos of ‘morale patches’ I own a few other of their pieces including Echo-Niners ‘Beer Drinker’ patch Nd hopefully one day, the ‘Coffee House Commando Patch they produced for Motus. However, this patch really resonated and struck a chord with me, but alas was sold out… Fortunately good friends in Finland @noble_and_blue gifted me one of theirs along with their M05 Camouflage ‘Field Note’ wallets”


[03] – @itstactical

ITS Tactical Patches – ‘Honey Badger & Grab Your Helmet…’.

“These two patches at the time of release where originally quite sought after, I think they’ve subsequently released and commercially a little easier to get hold of – but as classic old school embroidered patches these both really take it to the next level and are firm favorites.”


[04] – @teamgrayfox

Gray Fox – Tan Team Patch.

“Having interviewed the team on the blog and actually playing a few games and events with Gray Fox we became firm friends. A stunning patch nonetheless, but I’m proud to have this in part because of the enduring relationship and friendship between the blog and team, and that they are rarely seen outside the team…”


[05] – @milsimmedia

MilSim Media ‘Krispy Kreme’ Patch.

“Produced by the inimitable @whoshotfirstllcTeam for MilSim Media this is a stunning design and I wish I’d thought of it first, this make number five if only for the fact it’s one of my most used patches often appearing daily on one of my many day sacks”