Top 5 Tuesday 05/06/18 25thMountaineers

This week’s Top 5 Tuesday comes from the awesome Belgian team @25thMountaineers. Want to get involved and do your own? Hit us up.

[01] – @skinnybitch._

“Rising Instagram star member of the 25th Mountaineers. With her beloved G&G UMP. Follow her on Instagram @skinnybitch._



“Pipers remembering WWI. Group of pipers that visit all the burial sites of WWI and play some tunes. Their mission is to visit the 600+ sites in Belgium. They have been doing trips for 4 year. Mad respect for those guys. Find them on Facebook!”



“Shadows (UPIR). Teampatch for our fraction on Berget 14-15 & 16. Awesome guys having fun on a milsim event in Sweden. The raven is a symbol of respect to the previous fractions on other bergets. Then that group was named “Raven”. The black symbolizes the shadow of the raven”


[04] – @25thmountaineers

“25th Mountaineers member patch. Mountaineers = Our team was formed on Berget (milsim in Sweden) & the first team on Berget was 3rd Mountaineers. 25th = stands for BE (Belgium) 2=B, E=5. Color = Belgium flag in green. The hog = Was a symbol for bravery and courage in the time of the Celts. Red eyes = We like playing on the red side on Berget. The shield = Have to ask that one again :)”



“Airsoft Brugge. This patch is a link to the oldest and biggest forum from Belgium, Airsoft Brugge Forum.
Started more than 10 years ago and is still around. This was the place to be to find information on airsoft in Belgium before Facebook was around. This gives the older players a smile on their face.”