Top 5 Tuesday 29/05/18 Mr_Hitman_Nld

This week’s Top 5 Tuesday comes from the mighty @mr_hitman_nld. Want to get involved and do your own? Get in touch!

[01] – @mystix_airsoft

“A great guy from my homefield, and IG buddy’s from the beginning that I started IG.”


[02] – @callsign_honeyluff

“Awesome girl, I know her from IG and we meet also in real a few times, also in personal life a great friendship.”


[03] – @airsoftanatolia

“Great team from Turkey I met some guys in real also with the rest from them a lot of contact on IG”


[04] – @1legion.sa_frak

“Awesome man from South Africa with an awesome soul. Doing a lot good for the airsofters in SA.”


[05] – @1legion_superfly

“What can I say?! He is amazing, does a lot for the airsoft community on IG and also in real in USA. A man with his ❤ on the right spot.”