Top 5 Tuesday 02/05/18 1legion.uk_vixen

Ok so every week we’re giving someone the chance to pick 5 of their most favourite patches and give a little insight in to why they’ve chosen them. This week to get things off with a bang it’s the wonderful @1legion.uk_vixen. Let’s do this!

[01] – @1legion.uk_wookie

“Wookie – my battle-buddy, tactical outfitter (basically dresses me pre game), the guy that got me into a sport I said I’d never play!”



[02] – @nomad_airsoftni

“Nomad – my all time favourite patch! Love the design, great bunch of guys, such a positive influence on and off the field, always there if I’ve ever needed any help with anything.”


[03] – @cuddlesign_daddy

“Cuddlesign daddy – fantastic design, love all the detail, can’t wait for the cub edition”


[04] – @tdo00_gratto

“Gratto – one of my first friends on insta, true gent, always there if you need anything, friend for life!”


[05] – @spartan_actual

“Spartan – absolutely top guy, great friend, one of my latest patch additions”